Elk Are Part of the Family at Turek’s Arctic Hillcrest

See this week’s AgriNews article about life on the elk farm featuring MnEBA members Darrell Turek & Sheila Krukowski!  

Elk Farming in Minnesota

AgCountry Farm Credit Services recently interviewed long-time elk farmer and MnEBA member Scott Groen, who answered the questions many people have about the elk farming business.  Listen to the podcast!

Couple Pleased With Elk Herd

Jim & Eileen Byrne are busy getting ready for the MnEBA Summer Picnic this coming Saturday July 22nd – all are welcome!  

See Couple Pleased with Elk Herd article on the Pine Island couple and their relationship with MnEBA which appeared in AgriNews earlier this month!

Groen Elk Farm Trophy Bulls Originated with ‘King’

MnEBA member Scott Groen speaks to The Land Magazine’s Dick Hagen about how he generates income from the elk bulls on his farm.

See full story at:  Groen Elk Farm Trophy Bulls Originated with ‘King’

Nutritional Health Makes Elk A Growing Choice for Consumers

MnEBA member Greg Lubinski talks to The Land Magazine’s Dick Hagen about the world of elk farming.  From nutrition to marketing to lifestyle, he covers it all!

See full story:  Nutritional Health Makes Elk A Growing Choice for Consumers

Minnesota Grown “Pick of the Month” Features Elk Meat for Great Summer Eating!

Check out Minnesota Grown’s May issue of “Pick of the Month” for a   Splendor's Blendgreat elk steak marinade recipe for summer grilling!  MnEBA member Brenda Hartkopf shares her favorite part about raising elk plus her favorite elk meat recipes!

See full story:  Minnesota Raised Elk

Elk Business with Plainview Family for Generations

Check out a KAAL Channel 6 farm interview with long time MnEBA member Greg Lubinski and see what farming elk is all about!

http://www.kaaltv.com/article/stories/S3812215.shtml?cat=10151Lubinski JULY

Minnesota Elk Production Thrives

Check out this great article about MnEBA Luckyland Junemembers Mark & Lisa Luedtke and find out why they love to raise elk!

Minnesota Elk Production Thrives

Wolf Creek Elk Ranch Appears on Fox 21 News Duluth TV Station

Check out Fox 21 News Duluth television clip of Wolf Creek Elk Ranch August Wylieand their elk velvet supplement business!



Demand for Elk Meat & Antlers Growing

Demand for Elk Meat & Antlers GrowingDemand_for_Elk_Meat_Antlers_Growing

See Channel 6 KAAL TV interview with MnEBA member Lynn Steinbrink about the availability of elk products not meeting pubic demand for elk meat and antler supplements.