Elk Velvet Antler Supplements for Pets

Velvet antler is a very fast growing cartilage tissue that regrows naturally on male elk every year.  This cartilage tissue is covered by a soft, furry outer layer resembling velvet, thus the term, “velvet antler”.  Velvet antler is humanely harvested annually without harming the animal.  The antler is then dried and the inside marrow prepared as a nutritional supplement.

While velvet antler has been taken by humans and has been part of Traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years, American pet owners are just now beginning to realize this same natural supplement can have the same positive benefits for pets as well.

Clinical Studies Support Success Stories
For over a decade, numerous success stories have been reported from both Couple Walking Dogpet owners and veterinarians about the powerful benefits of velvet antler for dogs and cats, and even horses.  Recent clinical studies have validated these findings.  University of Montreal research the effects of velvet antler on dogs with osteoarthritis in a clinical, double-blind and placebo-controlled study.  The study confirmed that velvet antler significantly improved the dogs’ gait, their performances in daily life activities, and their vitality.  In addition, no clinical changes or side effects were revealed in blood analysis of the dogs taking velvet antler.

Velvet antler is a natural alternative to help rebuild weak hips and joints, provide energy and rejuvenate dogs and cats for better overall health and well being.

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